What is Dibya-Jyoti Foundation?

Dibya-Jyoti Foundation is a registered non-profitable non-government organization established in 2013 with an aim of improving the economic, educational and health condition of the socially neglected, economically backward, orphans, helpless, under privileged, and disables by providing them with education, skill development trainings, job opportunities and creating health awareness.

With its office based in Sunakothi-8, Dholahity,Lalitpur, Nepal, Dibya-Jyoti has been launching various self-help programmes like workshops, seminars, cultural programmes, scholarships, skill oriented and income-generating trainings and others, solely on the humanitarian ground.

Dibya-Jyoti works in the welfare of the marginalized, under privileged, orphans and disables by advocating and collecting funds from its members, the local government and national and international organizations and individuals.We are an organised group of people set as an EDUCARE HOME to support the poor, orphans, destitute, handicapped and marginalized students. We help them achieve their basic human living. We foster them attain at least the basic education.

The president of the foundation is Ms. Jyoti KC. She is also the Founder Director of Annal Jyoti Boarding School.

Where are the children collected from?
We collect such group of children from the different districts who are in dire need of assistance. Nepal Blind Association and the personal referrals are the source of collection of pupils. We hope our support could make their living and help them attain a quality life.

How many children are in Dibya-Jyoti Foundation now?
Currently, we have 14 children in our home and they are given scholarships by Annal Jyoti school.

Can i know and see their photographs?
Yes, you can. But to maintain their self esteem we have not published their details here. We can email the details of such child if you want to sponsor.

Who has helped so far?
We seek assistance of generous hearts. It is pleasure to mention that we have got massive support from few kind people and sponsors remarkable to mention

  • Manu miss from Germany
  • Erin and Ewan Traill from Scotland
  • Mila Vrins from UK
  • Suzanne Niesten from Netherland
  • Robert from Australia
  • Micheal Gorden from America
  • Anica from Germany
  • Maria Nana and family from Denmark
  • Pietro's Family from Italy

Suzanne Niesten and her family memebers are in the top list to help us.

If you want to offer any type of help or sponsor any of the child, please let us know. annaljyoti@mail.com

How can I help?

  • Sponsoring children
  • Sending clothes, toys and educational materials
  • Writing letters and post cards, and sending pictures to our children
  • Visiting us and sharing your love with them.
  • Volunteering with ANNAL JYOTI SCHOOL

What is the cost of sponsoring the items?
Monthly Tuition fee sponsor: 10 Pounds
Monthly Books, copies, Pens and stationaries: 5Pounds
Monthly Food : 30Pounds(morning tea and biscuits + Breakfast + Lunch+ evening snacks + Dinner)

Monthly Accomodation: 15Pounds
others: 2Pounds

Through daily operations, we have calculated that the monthly cost to support one child at our "Educare Home" with full living cost and education is approximately 60Pounds per month. Sponsorship provides benefits to both the child and the sponsor. These include:

What Benefits does a child get from your sponsor?

  • Opportunity of Living in a family environment at the school hostel
  • Provision of Food
  • Distribution of Clothing
  • Free Education at a Annal Jyoti School and bus
  • Additional tuition in the mornings and evenings
  • Combined Study room and Library
  • Celebration of festivals, and access to Nepali cultural events
  • Participation in Sports & Games
  • Indoor playroom materials

What are the Benefits for the sponsor?

  • satisfaction with the sese of altruism coming true through helping poor children
  • You will have Regular photographs of the child
  • Regular letters from the child
  • A copy of the child's educational report every 4 months will be sent to you
  • Reports and photographs of extra curricular activities e.g. sports days, singing dancing, quiz contests & drawing will be provided
  • The facility to visit the sponsored child at any time with 2 nights accommodation at Annal Jyoti School, Kathmandu, Nepal

If you want to offer any type of help or sponsor any of the child, please let us know. annaljyoti@mail.com



We are proud that different foundations, organizations are recongnizing us and have the awards for it.