..a gap year student or .... you want to enjoy your summer break
...anyone with a strong sense of altruism
...anyone with a notion to educate, help, learn and explore

People volunteer for a variety of reasons. Obviously, a strong sense of altruism associated with offering your time without payment, following the notion that you want to do something for others - to 'give something back'. But also important that you yourself gain something too, whether it is work-experience in a particular field, personal development, or even simply a sense of fulfillment from doing something for others.
Notable that the cost of volunteering is to provide fooding, accomodation, services, farewell eve and administraion. But the major amount is used for a good purpose to educate children. Annal Jyoti School has a provision of scholarships for SEN (Special Educational Need) students. The money obtained from the volunteering project will be completely used to educate them. You can meet them personally in school during your stay also.

some examples of people who volunteer with Annal Jyoti School

  1. Career-Breaker
  2. Holiday leave
  3. Recent Graduate
  4. Gap-Year Student
  5. School/College-Age Student
  6. Older Volunteers/retired volunteers


  1. Volunteering abroad as a part of a Career-Break: Increasing numbers of people are volunteering with Annal Jyoti following a period, or even many years, spent in full-time employment. They may have chosen to take time out voluntarily, or had to leave work for other reasons, such as redundancy, but the relative levels of skill and experience they bring with them means that Career-Break volunteers are always greatly valued. This means that there is plenty of scope for Career-Break volunteers to gain work-experience in teaching and community works.
  2. Volunteer Abroad while on Leave or Holidays: Perhaps you are perfectly happy in your chosen career, but just want some time away to explore a particular area of interest, or even just to help others? Our minimum project length of one month means that you can volunteer in our school during paid annual leave - on selected community projects there is even the possibility of doing just two weeks. Many teachers even chose to volunteer with us for the whole of their summer break. More and more employers are starting to see the value of offering their staff longer periods of unpaid absence, during which the volunteer can satisfy their wanderlust, secure in the knowledge that they still have a job at the end of it. Employers may even be willing to finance some of the costs of a voluntary project, providing there is some tangible benefit in doing so. We can help you by providing any relevant information once you have applied.
  3. Volunteering abroad as a recent graduate: A large number of our volunteers come to us having completed undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. This is an ideal time of life to do a voluntary teaching project in Nepal.For the volunteer it is a crossroads between their life in full time education and their future career. Volunteering in Nepal can provide them with the change of both pace and scenery that they have been craving, while giving additional skills and work-experience that will make them stand out from the rest of the crowd in job applications and interviews. For Annal Jyoti and our helping organisations – orphanages, a health centre, and a centre for the blind – recent graduates are important because they bring knowledge, skills and life-experience when they sign up to volunteer. Because of this, they are more likely to be given, and accept, additional responsibilities in the work-place, and we see many recent graduates finding work overseas once they have left our projects.
  4. Voluntary Projects Abroad as part of a Post-University Gap Year: Many of our recent graduate volunteers come to us having never taken a gap year up to that point, and are often disappointed to find that they have no set career-path mapped out for them after leaving university. They have usually been studying hard while their friends have disappeared to far-flung exotic destinations, returning with exciting stories of their adventures. If this sounds like you, then don't you think it's your turn?! You could volunteer on a Annal Jyoti as a prelude to your travels, spending a few months living and working in our school projects, before packing your bags and seeing what the rest of the region has to offer. And who knows, perhaps your gap year could open new doors and set you down an exciting career path you'd never even considered!Annal Jyoti can easily be fit into your plans as a recent graduate. You can choose what you want to do, where you want to do it, how long you want to do it for and when you want to start.
  5. Volunteering Abroad while studying in school or college: We see large numbers of 16-19 year-olds volunteering in Nepal on our projects, especially during the months of July and August. Students take advantage of their summer holidays to volunteer on one of our projects for a month, or even longer, if their timetable allows. If you have just finished your final year and are not planning to take a gap year, you may be able to fit in as many as three months of volunteering.It is fantastic to see people volunteering at such a young age, and it seems to foster such a sense of responsibility and maturity. It is not just us that think so. Volunteering in Nepal is seen, by both universities and employers alike, as a positive use of time; something which sets individuals apart from others when applying for university courses or jobs.
  6. Volunteering abroad as an Older Volunteer/retired Volunteers: Annal Jyoti places a great deal of value on our older volunteers, for with age comes a mixture of experience, skills and patience that younger volunteers simply cannot offer. Qualified medical professionals such as Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists and Dentists are also incredibly popular with our community projects, because they can really help relieve the heavy workloads in overcrowded clinics and hospitals. So if you want to put your skills into practice against a new and exciting backdrop then we would love to have you in our school!Recent years have witnessed a massive growth in the amount of retired volunteers in our school projects. Older volunteers often tend to favour the more altruistic projects, such as Teaching and community projects, which is fantastic because these are generally the areas where there is the most need. Of course you would be very welcome on any of our projects, you get to choose your start date and your project length.




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